RIBA London is partnering with Beatrice Galilee a London based curator, writer, critic, consultant and lecturer of contemporary architecture and design to present ‘Emerging Architects in Hoxton Square’ as part of the 'WEATHER - IT'S RAINING OR NOT:......' events programme.

Renovations of our homes are complex emotional undertakings. Particularly in dense urban environments where resources, building codes, and size restrictions hamper the realization of our ideal spaces. Yet even if these obstacles were to be removed, it is likely that satisfaction would not necessarily come with resulting renovation.

Alex Schweder La offers an alternative way of renovating your space. Based on an hour long conversation with you about your flat, he will work with you to develop a renovation based on the way you behave in it. Think about it, buildings are made as much form the activities that occur in them as they are from bricks. The bricks are arranged to allow you to act in a certain way after all. By changing the way one acts in a space first and then trying out architectural “props” to facilitate that action, Schweder La offers a way of renovating living spaces with little expense, limitless flexibility, and an attitude of experimentation.

Schweder La will meet with visitors throughout the day on a Hoxton Square bench on a first come first serve basis for about an hour at a time. You will discuss the relationship you have with your space and then, together, come up with a new or altered action for your home that will be considered a renovation.

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