Art Deco London Cycle Ride

A cycling wander around the many fine examples of Art Deco Architecture in Central London starting with the University of London Union Building in Malet Street WCI and concluding with a tour of 55 Broadway the Headquarters of London Underground.
This is a free event and concludes with a guided tour of 55 Broadway in St. James headquarters of the London Underground.
There are two tours on this day and only 40 places are available in all. Unfortunately there a two ways to register the LFA main site and the Eventbrite one so if you can register at the Eventbrite site link below that would be a big help

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Niels Lehmann
Niels Lehmann said about a year ago

Dear All I would like to draw your attention to a book-project I am working on with a colleague for 2 years now. It is the first comprehensive documentation of London's art deco heritage. Over 200 buildings are shown in big-scale photographs and in an index. They are ordered in a manner to represent the transformation from classicism/historicism towards modernism which was (unlike in continental Europe) a rather evolutionary process in Britain. The introctuction has been written by Adam Caruso of Caruso St John. Although this is a Swiss/German project all texts are available in English also. As you might know the financing of a publication is often the biggest hurdle which is the case here as well. That is why we try to cover these costs by collecting money via a crowdfunding-site. Within the next 40 days we try to raise 4'600 Euros (3'700 Pounds). Depending on the amount spent every supporter will get a gift in exchange. In our case it is the book itself. If the total amount has not been met at the end of this phase everyone will get their money back automatically. Please have a look on our project-site to get more information about the content and look of the book. And tell all your friends! Hoping to hear from you! Best regards, Niels