Hanging Gardens

The site will open to public from 30 June 2012 for a minimum of 2 years. Come to the London Pleasure Gardens this weekend and be the first to enjoy the structures and discover this amazing site.

Upon entering London Pleasure Gardens, you are confronted by a charming light installation, which is a collaborative piece by London architects Foster Lomas and local artist Kristy Gosling. Lit with tiny individual LEDs, are a series of transparent globes hovering in mid-air creating what is in essence a hauntingly ethereal floating museum. Each globe contains a salvaged artifact of the sites industrial past, beautifully encapsulating the site's industrial heritage and is curiously entwined with the rich history of London’s East End.

The Pleasure Gardens is just steps away from Pontoon Dock DLR and well signed from Cycle Superhighway CS3.

Free, no booking.


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