International Showcase: Greece - POLYPOLIS ATHENS: BECOME AN ATHENIAN and experience a city in crisis

POLYPOLIS, a mindset-shifting BOARD GAME.
In the rapidly deteriorating Athens centre, PLAYERS are assigned life-roles; IMMERSED IN an urban environment of ECONOMIC RECESSION, illegality, CITY-PHOBIA, rising violence and human DESPERATION, the Athenians (Greeks and immigrants, shop owners, UNEMPLOYED, land owners, INVESTORS, inhabitants, entrepreneurs, INTELLECTUALS, etc.) enter into an agonising and agonistic STRUGGLE to reset the city’s human, physical and natural resources. The players keep reflecting and ACTING UPON ‘REAL’ CITY CONDITIONS, and watch the outcome of their decisions unfold on the game board. THE ATHENIANS of the Polypolis social game STAND UP TO THE CHALLENGE of the crisis and have the power to TRANSFORM the materiality of THEIR CITY.


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Strategic Partners of SARCHA in the UK: International Law and Theory Center, Westminster University, Urban Design MArch programme, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

The event is under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in London

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