WHAT_architecture presents Legobusier©: a Lego meets Le Corbusier modern architecture master class

Five reasons why:
1. Public participation! Legobusier© promotes doing over seeing. This is a workshop not an exhibition!
2. Democratic demographic! Open to all children between the ages of 8 and 88.
3. Put the fun back into functionalism! Modern architecture to be enjoyed by the whole family.
4. Build a city! Through an understanding of Le Corbusier’s ‘5 points’, your building will help construct a city.
5. Get famous! Win the WHAT_architecture Gold Medal.

WHAT_architecture is a London-based architectural practice:

Location: Garden Room, Barbican Centre.


Day and Time:
12noon-6pm on Saturday 23rd
12noon-4pm on Sunday 24th June

To find out more visit:

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