RIBA London is partnering with Beatrice Galilee a London based curator, writer, critic, consultant and lecturer of contemporary architecture and design to present ‘Emerging Architects in Hoxton Square’ as part of the 'WEATHER - IT'S RAINING OR NOT:......' events programme.

An architectural puppet show that reinterprets the city in a soft, tactile theatre-set. This magical city of paper and fabric perspectives at different scales responds to the theme of the Hoxton Square installation, weather, and the event, picnic. This is the second in a series following from Underconstructivism at the V & A.

A performance that will last throughout the whole day in which paper built architecture resembling Hoxton will be used to engage the audience with the history and stories from the area. Performances will last 10 minutes before demonstrating how you may construct your own wooden/paper models of Hackney buildings. This will continue every hour till then end of the overall event. The performers will take charge of the specific event and the structure. One 5-10 minute performance every hour.

Make Do & Draw are a young architecture practice with a scenographic approach that lends from theatre, story-telling, landscape and critical research with the aim of creating spaces of wonder and delight.

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