Monopoly Houses

The site will open to public from 30 June 2012 for a minimum of 2 years. Come to the London Pleasure Gardens this weekend and be the first to enjoy the structures and discover this amazing site.

Constructed to act as propaganda ‘billboard’ sculptures, three large scale replica monopoly houses (one hotel and two smaller houses) advertise images and text from a recently completed manifesto, produced by nunswithgunsdesign in 2012. The manifesto titled ‘This House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand’ is a protest against long standing trends found in the production of contemporary British housing. Raising public awareness and exposing the destructive nature of how our houses are designed, delivered and priced, the manifesto aims to be a starting point from which to launch an attack on the existing property industry and to kick start a much needed REVOLUTION! in future British house building.

The crude fly posting of manifesto pages that envelops the surfaces of the formulaic ‘traditional’ house forms, draws attention to the subversive nature of the work, and its desire to create a new form of Punk Architecture: an architecture which offers a counterpoint to the conservative culture of a profit-driven British property market. By specifically referencing the plastic house and hotel pieces of the well-known monopoly board game, the values of the manifesto can be seen to highjack, rather than accept the rules, of a game that has come to directly reflect how we as a society define property, and our national obsession with seeking to making as much money as possible out of our houses.

The Pleasure Gardens is just steps away from Pontoon Dock DLR and well signed from Cycle Superhighway CS3.

Free, no booking.

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