Paint the city red, orange... or (even) blue!

Ever dreamed of paint bombing the Gherkin?

Join renegade researchers Guerilla Science and engineers from Buro Happold to build a giant catapult, and take aim at a target range of our city’s most iconic buildings. With the help of engineering expertise, learn to build a massive slingshot and see who can fling their paint filled missiles the farthest. Come help us make an even bigger mess of a demolished site in East London. Fun for all ages. All architects must be accompanied by a child.

The event is powered by Industri[us], a collaborative action that reworks and revalues former waste products, transforming them into objects that are useful and desirable. If you would like to donate materials or indeed models to our reconfigured 'London' please contact Clare ( or Kat (

This event is generously sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering. For more details visit and

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