The Pleasure Pools

The site will open to public from 30 June 2012 for a minimum of 2 years. Come to the London Pleasure Gardens this weekend and be the first to enjoy the structures and discover this amazing site.

The pleasure gardens bloomed in the industrial era where new inventive structures were praised and the exploration of materials had a profound effect on the built environment. This was the inspiration for "The Pleasure Pools".

This is the poetic outcome of a pragmatic process aspiring to create a sustainable, temporary, cost-effective structure, with emphasis on the recycling of all materials used.

The unique swirling structure reveals two event spaces of contrasting character, each inviting the visitor to yet unknown pleasurable events. The path to pleasure is, in this case, a twisting, curving path leading the curious in and out of the multi-functional spaces with elegance and excitement.

The unusual use of Euro pallets presented the possibility of sculpting an inviting and inspiring building which attracts the crowds, incites cheerfulness and socialising, very much in the spirit of the old pleasure gardens.

The site will officially open to public from mid-July 2012 for a minimum of 2 years. Come along for the sneak preview weekend (dates TBC) with tours happening at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm - this will be a chance to meet some of the designers and also enjoy some of the delights of the site as it develops. Suitable for family and design audiences!

The Pleasure Gardens is just steps away from Pontoon Dock DLR and well signed from Cycle Superhighway CS3.

Free, no booking.

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